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Women’s Self-Defense


 A subject that has increasingly attracted a great deal of attention and discussion in the news media today is that of physical assaults against women in their homes and workplace.

 Rape has been called the ugliest, the most humiliating and insidiously enduring of crimes. It is a violent crime, which precipitates a crisis situation in the victim. It is the most traumatic act short of the ultimate aggression – murder.

 This program is approximately a three-hour course that includes a lecture, demonstration and hands on training.  It is compacted into an intensive workshop that can be brought to your place of work, church, or club meetings.  It will create an awareness that will aid in preventing physical assault and when an attack is inevitable, it readies the individual to physically respond and be familiar with basic self defense techniques designed to significantly reduce the degree of harm.  By application of various methods to the articulating joints or vital spots, in conjunction with specific angles, one can subdue even the strongest assailant with minimal effort.

 Qualified martial science instructors teach this course and the techniques are based upon well established principles of hand to hand combat.  These techniques deal with positive self-defense tactics that are built around structural weaknesses of the human body.  This workshop is open to all females of all ages.

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