Presented By Family Martial Art School and Jamaican Mango & Lime

Saturday November 5, 2011  – 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

A simple yet effective Self-Defense program designed for females of all ages.  This program is unique among the many self-defense programs on the market today.  Instead of teaching a large number of techniques, which may overwhelm the participants and cause a delay in reacting to an assault, this course only teaches one technique which consists of four very effective yet simple parts which are easy to learn and remember.

This workshop will teach you how to prevent physical assault and provide insight into mental aspects of resistance and physical techniques.  This technique deals with positive self-defense tactics that anyone can employ to effectively ward off or subdue an attacker.  Each student will gain insight and understanding and develop principles and methods of self-defense.  This technique is designed to use a minimum number of movements for responding to a number of encounters.

This program has been developed for and used by some of America’s top corporations,  colleges, hospitals, and health clubs including; IBM, General Foods, Readers Digest, ABB, Philip Morrow, South Carolina and New York branches of Girl Scouts, Sun Trust Bank, Club Fit, and many more.

effective, and easy-to-learn self-defense program for women of all ages.

In Just 4 Hours….

  • Learn highly effective techniques that can subdue even the strongest would-be attacker with minimal effort.

  • Recognize potentially dangerous situations and develop behavior to reduce the probability of an initial encounter.

  • Acquire a better understanding of your own capabilities and a greater confidence to cope with the unexpected.

This program is a four-hour course that includes a lecture, demonstration and realistic hands on training. It is compacted into three intensive phases that can be brought to your place of work, church, or club meetings

This self-defense course is designed to help participants to recognize potentially dangerous situations and appropriate behavior when faced with a physical attack. This behavior will reduce the probability of an initial encounter. But given a set of circumstances where physical contact appears unavoidable, the participants will be taught basic self-defense techniques designed to significantly reduce the degree of physical harm that might come to her.