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The Martial Science


Martial Science is a beautiful and dynamic “hard-soft” style of fighting, emphasizing speed and fluidity. At the same time it is an elegant and powerful system which integrates the body, mind and spirit. The physical training behind Martial Science is very specific and includes weight/resistance training, aerobic, anaerobic conditioning, total body training, hand/foot building and strengthening techniques. In the foundation training you must first learn how to stabilize your body joints. By educating or reeducating the nervous system through proprioception training. Which can be though of as a variety of sensory capabilities that include the sensation of joint movement and joint position, contributes to motor programming of the neuromuscular control required for precision movement at the same time it also contributes to muscle reflex, providing dynamic joint stability. Training in an unstable environment is a must for martial science practitioners. Sudden alterations in joint positioning that necessitate reflexive neuromuscular control, utilizes balance and postural movements, designed to stimulate muscular co-activation. This type of training allows for greater loading of specific joints which result in a larger strength increase, producing a stronger and more functional joint. You are only as strong as that which you can stabilize. Proper training enables the martial science practitioners to carry out proper motor function and develop balance; improving neuromuscular control by applying various proprioceptive facilitation techniques.  This trains the muscles to fire at the optimal time, and in the correct order. It will help with the unpredictable situations in martial sciences such as: interaction with opponents or practice partners, counteraction to an opponent’s force or movement, body contact which put the body in an unstable position.   This system is designed to improve and maintain health, and in conjunction with physical development it helps to develop internal power – retarding the aging process. Philosophically, Martial Science stresses humility, self-discipline, self-control, loyalty, integrity and the respect for others.

The exercises and postures of Martial Science are designed to incorporate and work all levels of the body. The breathing techniques connect the body and mind, and the concentration exercises are designed to improve speed and mental skills. When combined and practiced in harmony they culminate in deep relaxation. The practice of Martial Science energizes your entire body, mind and spirit for the day or diffuses tension from a stressful one. The movement and techniques you learn; improve coordination, flexibility, and vitality. Martial Science naturally aligns your body structure and allows the body to move freely with increased agility, balance and grace. The foundation of posture, movement and principles of Martial Science are then combined to perform complex prearranged movements like dance routines but with the movement rooted in actual combat. Martial Science is a building process; the foundation is laid with individual components being learned first and training divided up into stages – each stage building on the next.

Research has shown the importance of continuous exercise over the entire life span. The more a machine is used the more worn it becomes, but unlike a machine, the more you use or exercise your body the better and stronger it becomes. Many of us sit or stand for long periods of time during the day which tightens the body unnaturally with tension and stress causing our body to lose its natural grace, power and suppleness.  You can’t prevent stress but you can stop it from harming your physical and mental well being.

There are certain methods to breathing, the withdrawing of all senses from reaction stimuli and finally higher stages of consciousness. If you understand how to tap into the “life force” it will help in attaining knowledge, so that the separate categories of matter and soul may be connected to such a degree that the soul can influence matter or to a certain extent even negate it.  If this stage is achieved, one is able to accomplish superhuman feats in regards to freedom from disease and longevity far beyond the normal expectancy.  This program is open to serious minded adults.

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