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 In this program, the different attributes of each fighter is recognized and promoted, thereby developing the skill most complimentary to that specific fighter.

 Having a good kick or punch is not all that is required to be a good fighter.  You must train to think well, faster and more efficiently.  Most martial artist practitioners of today are overly offensive minded, but a well-rounded fighter spends a good deal of his training educating himself to better his defensive skill (if you’re not there – you can’t be hit).  Avoidance is a primary skill necessary for fighters’ success.

 A single attack should be as quick and as unexpected as the shot of a gun.  No sooner than the firing of a gun is heard than the target is hit.  With a single attack you should be able to hit your target and bring down the enemy.  This is accomplished through correct practice in situations similar to actual combat in order to perfect every movement so that you learn to adjust to changing situations and make timely, accurate and proficient attacks.

 Without total body training martial science techniques may not be properly executed. A strong body and a strong mind are required. Knowledge and skill in the martial is not something that is bestowed upon you, but is acquired and is grown into over a period of time as you train, conduction your body and study the various sciences.

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