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Powering Up Your Body by Strengthening The Immune System and Naturally Balancing Your Hormones So It Can Heal Itself.

I would like to invite you and your family to The United Martial Science Federation Ranch for a day of horseback riding, raw food prep classes and a health seminar with Dr. Ward Joiner. One of the main things that I like and appreciate about Dr. Joiner is that he never recommends or suggests any supplements without first take an in depth look at your blood lab results. Taking any supplements without first having a good blood test from a reliable lab to see what’s in your blood or what it is deficient in (parasites, Candida, glucose serum, sodium and potassium serum, insulin-like growth factors, total testosterone to name a few) is like shooting a gun blindfolded hoping to hit something.

Life can only come from life (live foods not over cooked chemically denatured processed foods). Live foods are our body’s Medicine not DRUGS.

We must become aware that to have longevity and an enduring existence free of dis-ease, our physical body, mental health and spiritual self must live in harmony and equilibrium. We must choose only high quality foods and supplements derive from living plants; also we must avoid too many food combinations. Food selection preparation and eating is a healing art within itself. The proper preparation of raw foods and supplements will preserves and concentrates the nutrition of live foods adding vital energy to your meals and supplements, which nurses the body physically, mentally and spiritually. Live foods also aid in attaining a health pH and strengthen the immune system at the same time improving digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. It further helps the body’s elimination systems which support the body’s own natural detoxification process.

Today’s diet primarily consist of processed foods, low- nutrient non- organic fruits and vegetables, can lack specific essential amino- acids. Amino- acids that are necessary for health and required to naturally increase your own Total and Free Testosterone. By naturally increasing Testosterone it stimulates the body’s own HGH level, which activates the body’s production of IGF-1 to optimum levels. It is well documented that Testosterone levels peak in both men and women in their twenties and decline thereafter, especially during middle age. Clinical studies have proven, this natural process of increasing Testosterone facilitates the repair and regeneration of damaged cells, strengthens the immune system, naturally balances hormones (not using BIO-Identical), and slows or “reverses” aging. Live foods produce Life


• Increase Energy Stamina

• Achieve Better and Sounder Sleep

• Improve Your Optimistic Attitude

& Mental Processes

• Balancing Hormones Naturally

(not using bio-identical)

• Strengthen the Immune System for

Optimum Immune Defense

• Improving Digestion, Absorption

and Elimination

• Regain Youthful Exuberance

and Improved Outlook

• Increase Muscle Tone and Elasticity

of the Skin

• Improved Cartilage Formation

of the Joints

• Recharge Sexual Desire and Performance

• Regrow hair (in some cases)

or reduce the gray

• Increase Muscle Mass

and Loss Fat Content

• Increase Bone Mass / Reverse the

Process Leading to Osteoporosis

• Speed Healing to Old Injuries

and Improved Joint Mobility

• Diminish or Eliminate Cellulite

and Wrinkles

• Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

• Promote Regeneration of Aged

and Weakened Organs