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Martial Science Program


 This program is taught following strict guidelines and curriculum to train modern day warriors through a comprehensive scientific system.

Martial Science system is founded on a cohesive set of martial art skills derived from a number of Asian countries including but not limited to China, Korea and Japan. These martial art skills are grounded in a common core of principles and strategies derived from Modern Western Science as opposed to the religion, mysticism, and mystery commonly used by a large number of instructors and organizations. The basis in Western Science allows our organization to understand and explain the true purpose behind many traditional training methods and techniques allowing the instructors in our schools to properly employ them to fully develop to their fullest potential for themselves and their students. These principles and strategies are taught along side  the martial skills they are presently using, allowing instructors and students a fuller understanding of what they are practicing and to develop true martial skills and abilities.

Martial art is a culmination of a series of finely tuned motor coordinated skills. The complexity of recruitment and synchronized firing of the correct motor units involves a motor learning process that must be rehearsed.  This should be done in an increasing manner, first at a slow pace then at a higher pace in order to implant correct motor patterns.  Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.  This is achieved only if skills are learned and practiced correctly.   Martial artists who practice incorrectly are rehearsing and learning skills incorrectly. One of the ways we learn is through kinesthetics, which is teaching the body to feel certain sensations. These skills should be acquired when one is not fatigued. Practicing the skills incorrectly lead to repetition of error. The human brain and body are like a computer in that they must be supplied with the correct information in order to perform properly. With correct guidance, perfect techniques can be achieved.

 Martial Science is unsurpassed, it combines kicking, punching, throwing, falling, joint locking and myriad of weapons and techniques developed into a beautiful and dynamic “hard-soft” fighting system emphasizing speed and fluidity.  Physical training, meditation and breathing, acupressure and acupuncture techniques are employed to maintain health, to develop internal power, and to retard the aging process.  A Martial Science warrior must possess humility, self-discipline, self-control, loyalty, integrity and respect for others.  This program covers a wide spectrum of self-defense making it attractive to men, women and children of all ages.

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