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Patch Design

Snake eating its tail represent the circle of life; conception – birth – life – prosper – old age – death

Fingers represent the various martial art styles, which are like the fingers on the hand, separate but yet together, they must all work together to grasp or hold an object.

Open Tiger Palm and Closed Bear Palm represents the two main striking methods of Martial Science.

Yin and Yang


United Martial Science Federation Philosophy, Thoughts and Way of Life

Enter To Learn – Depart To Serve

Enter to learn – It is our vision in The United Martial Science Federation to develop competent and educated martial artists. Martial artist’s who are able to think and feel as well as fight. You will learn various martial science skills and develop mentally, physically and emotionally at the same time develop morally, ethically, and honorably.

Depart to serve – Each day you depart a United Martial Science Federation school we want you committed to bettering yourself in all endeavors and serving mankind.

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