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Techniques – Joint Locks

JOINTS – Although Martial Science uses joint manipulations, pressure points, and nerve holds as a means of self-defense, these techniques also serve another purpose and that is to strengthen the joint structure and ligaments over the entire body.  Joints like muscles respond to stress. By placing a joint under appropriate progressive torque, the ligaments and joint structure becomes stronger and more stable.  By bending and twisting the various joints of the body through out their full range of movement they will remain strong and free to ensure complete movement and to help prevent such joint disorders as arthritis.

In a self-defense situation, it may be necessary to subdue your attackers. Many times throws may be implement to achieve this aim following  your opponent releasing his grip upon you. The throws in Martial Science do not require great strength, but rely upon the correct use of the three different class level, correct structural body alignment, knowledge of joint angles (each joint has a limited range of movement and when twisted beyond it’s limited range of movement will incapacitate the attacker.

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