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Aerobic – Martial Science uses prearranged body movements like that of a choreographed fighting routine which places a demand on the cardiovascular system through martial science training.  This demand is much greater than activities such as swimming, jogging and skiing because the force required to execute martial science techniques is much greater than those forces involved in sports activity.  Therefore, not only is the heart and respiratory rate higher in martial science training but the stroke volume of the heart (the amount of blood pumped through the heart per beat) is greater than in sports activities – leading to superior cardiovascular conditioning. For example, higher levels of force involved in martial science techniques such as kicking and low stances require much more energy than hand techniques.  This is due to the greater weight of the legs compared to the arms and the amount of strength required to execute various kicking techniques and to maintain the body in a low position while working the arms.  The workload on the cardiovascular system can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the duration and intensity of the body movement.  Throughout the practice of prearranged forms, the mind will become calm and clear each movement being initiated by the mind and not sheer muscle strength.  Overall balance and stability will improve, with breathing becoming controlled, smooth and greatly slowed down.  Martial Science also aids in building, stimulating and movement of internal energy (life force) which will aid in retarding the aging process.

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