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About the Unitied Martial Science Federation

The United Martial Arts Science Federation
“Where Martial Arts Meets Science”


The mission of the United Martial Science Federation is to support its member’s Martial Science education and training, and to inspire and strengthen their character and competence.

United Martial Arts Science Federation:

United – Joined together to develop a elite group of exceptional martial artists.

Martial Arts – Military or warlike training.

Science – The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the behavior of human beings and the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Federation – UMSF is an organization with a central command or government, within which each individual school has some degree of internal autonomy.  All instructors from Certified United Martial Science Federation Schools must adhere to a common philosophy of moral values, in-depth training, and honest and fair treatment of its students.


Develop leaders of character:

Moral Development
Development of Attributes
Skill Development


To become people of character and competence striving for excellence and enjoy developing in the martial arts:

Pursue moral development and understanding.
Learn the right lessons from training and competition.
Think clearly and independently.

Goals and Objectives


  • Educate – Teach every member important mental, physical and emotional skills.
  • Train- Provide every member the opportunity to progress in the martial arts from the under black belt ranks to the high ranking black belt levels.
  • Inspire- Motivate every member to continue in the martial science as an important lifetime skill and activity.


  • Train to become complete martial artists; competent across the whole spectrum of martial science.
  • Adhere to the curriculum and syllabus in order to ensure progressive and sequential development.
  • Prioritize training to ensure that members build upon a solid foundation and develop appropriately


Areas of Support – Business

1. Business system with support software for MS Office.
2. Marketing materials with pictures of appropriate uniforms and activities.
3. Uniforms and equipment at reasonable costs for schools.
4. Billing support system for EFT and CC automated payments.
5. Business seminars to educate and improve school management.

Area of Support – Curriculum

1. Established progressive curriculum for learning martial science.
2. Support materials (books & dvd’s) for each rank – both student and instructor.
3. Scheduled instructor skills and progression workshops.
4. Rank recognition and standards that are uniform between schools.
5. Advanced concept workshops for all federation members.
6. Mental, spiritual and character development programs for children and adults.
7. “Total Fitness through the Martial Art” Fitness and Conditioning classes and curriculum.
8. Self-Defense seminar classes and curriculum.
9. Specialized seminar development and instruction.

Area of Support – Instructor
1. Instructor certification seminars for different levels of instructors.
2. Continuing education seminars to maintain and improve instruction methods.
3. Referee certification seminars for different levels of referees.
4. Tournament support and advise for inter-school and federation tournaments.