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A Brief Description of Martial Science

A Brief Description of Martial Science

Martial Science is a scientific systematic and systemic study of the fighting arts.  Being an extremely well organized system of military/warlike skills of ancient and modern times, it integrates and explores all aspects of fighting. Martial Science not only concerns itself with attack and defense but also includes the study of healing methods, development of internal power and physical conditioning. Martial Science covers an extensive variety of military/warlike skills and techniques. It helps to instill self confidence and self discipline while fostering the psychological and spiritual values associated with the martial character.  Although Martial Science is a relatively new system, its roots run deep into the soil of the sciences as its foundational knowledge base.

Martial Science includes:



Hand Striking – Closed and open hand striking methods; including palm, fist, wrist, and finger striking techniques which includes pressure point striking and striking using the arms and shoulder.








Leg Techniques – Foundational kicks, spinning kicks, jumping kicks, combination kicks, double leg kicks, pressure point kicking, and specialty kicking.






Throwing and Grappling- Body throws, projection throws, leg throws, pressure point grappling, grappling defense, wrestling techniques, ground fighting.








Joint-Locking Techniques – Restraining methods, joint breaking techniques, combination joint locking, control and redirection techniques, arresting and “come along” techniques.







Falling Techniques and Acrobatics – Body conditioning and agility techniques, body protection techniques, acrobatics for defense and offense.







Body Conditioning –Overall stretching and flexibility training, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle training, ligament and tendon strengthening, joint flexibility and conditioning.




Stabilization Student learn how to stabilize their body joints. By educating or reeducating the nervous system through proprioception training.Sudden alterations in joint positioning that necessitate reflexive neuromuscular control, utilizes balance and postural movements, designed to stimulate muscular co-activation. This type of training allows for greater loading of specific joints which result in a larger strength increase, producing a stronger and more functional joint. You are only as strong as that which you can stabilize.








Animal Style Techniques– Techniques based on the movements or characteristics of certain “martial” animals such as the tiger, preying mantis, crane, dragon, snake etc.







Weapons – Sword; includes short, middle, long, single or double, straight and inverted techniques. Staff; includes short, middle and long, single and double. It also includes spear, cane, rope, and fan.





Martial science Healing Methods – Beginning at instructor level; acupressure, acupuncture, internal energy systems, herbal medicine.




Meditation and Breathing Techniques – Various breath control techniques, meditation and breathing postures, concentration techniques.