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Here, at the United Martial Science Federation Inc., we teach a scientific and systematic study of the fighting arts. Our well-organized system of military/warlike skills from ancient and modern times integrates and explores all aspects of fighting. Our program helps to instill self-confidence and self-discipline while fostering the psychological and spiritual values associated with the martial science character. The goal of our programs is not only to develop the physical skills needed to survive a physical altercation, but to also equip our students with the mental, physical and emotional tools necessary to achieve their goals in life.


Here, at the United Martial Science Federation Inc., we know the importance of having a totally fit, knowledgeable, effective, dedicated, and professional instructors. Teaching is a science. The science of education is one thing, dealing with different types of people with different abilities is one of the biggest challenges instructors face. Our instructors here at the United Martial Science Federation Inc., spend years developing and perfecting their skills not only as martial scientist but as instructors under the watchful eye of legendary Chief Master Marlin Sims (9 Degree Black Belt) The goal of our programs is not only to develop the physical skills needed to survive a physical altercation, but to equip our students with the mental, physical, and emotional tools needed to achieve their goals in life, in other words, a student who can think as well as fight. Although Martial Science training is challenging, it involves using the student’s own cognitive and physical resources as well as the resources around them. The emphasis in class is on cooperation and cohesion, not competition, which increases a student’s ability to receive and give support and encouragement, solve problems and make responsible decisions. Martial Science participation imposes structure and a set routine on students, with freedom within this structure providing a springboard for creative thinking. At the same time, it is success-oriented. It teaches the student to deal with the anxiety that precedes new adventures, to cope with uncertainty, and to survive with increased confidence and a more positive self-concept. There is never a student who can’t learn, only teachers who can’t teach. Students only learn those things which they have a felt need to learn. As instructors it is our responsibility to create this felt need within each one of our student so that learning can take place. Sharing what we have learned through the years is not our only goal but understanding what each and every student wants to learn, need to learn, is capable of learning, and increasing their level of commitment to excellence is our main goal. Proficiency in Martial Science is attained in the same manner as proficiency in any other skill. First, you must have a clear and concise understanding of the fundamental principles that govern that skill; and secondly, through the strict application of those principles and laws which pertain to that Martial Science skills. Our instructors are well versed, educated and nationally certified.

Our instructors have the experience, education, skill and drive needed to assist everyone in receiving all the Martial Science has to offer. Only the best of the best receive certification to teach the Martial Science Method. Martial Science practitioners who receive Chief Master Sims seal of approval are loyal, hard-working, ambitious, personable, a desire to share their knowledge with others and above all have true grit. At the U.M.S.F. Ranch students live, breathe and eat Chief Master Sims’s approach to the Martial Science and are tested over their knowledge of the Method daily.

At each level of certification, Chief Master Sims ensure prospective candidate meet his high standards and possess Martial Science four fundamental progression: first we must be able to (1) Stabilize the various joints of the body before we can (2) Strengthen the body there by allowing you to (3) control the various martial movements which in turn will allow you to (4) develop your martial skills. They also possess the Martial Science six core values: loyalty, hard-working, ambitious, personable, desire to share their knowledge and true grit, but above all else the desire to maintain integrity. The individuals he selects for certification represent a committed group of martial science practitioners who he entrusts to teach the Martial Science Method and inspire Martial Science enthusiasts everywhere. We judge our ability as instructors not by the trophies our students win but by how we are able to inspire them to want to learn more about all aspects of life. Leadership is about influence and setting a good example for others to follow in their training and everyday life, our influence will lead our students to achieve all their goals in and outside of our Martial Science school. Make the commitment to excellence and start the process to engaging in a healthy lifestyle, with increased mind-body unification, self-confidence, awareness and stability. Martial Science is a beautiful and dynamic “hard-soft” style of martial art, emphasizing speed and fluidity. At the same time, it is an elegant and powerful system which integrates the body, mind and spirit. The physical training behind Martial Science is very specific and includes: stabilization, weight/resistance training, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning, total body training, hand/foot building and strengthening techniques. This system is designed to improve and maintain health, and in conjunction with physical development, helps to cultivate internal power – retarding the aging process. The exercises and postures of Martial Science are designed to incorporate and work all levels and systems of the body. The breathing techniques connect the body and mind, and the concentration exercises are designed to improve speed and mental skills. The practice of Martial Science energizes your entire body, mind and spirit for the day or diffuses tension from a stressful one. Martial Science naturally aligns your body structure and allows the body to move freely with increased agility, balance and grace. It is a building process. The foundation is laid with individual components being learned first, and training divided up into stages with each stage building upon the next. This program is taught following strict guidelines and curriculum. Martial Science is a comprehensive martial art system that is unsurpassed. It combines kicking, punching, throwing, falling, joint locking, a myriad of weapons and self-defense techniques developed into a beautiful and dynamic “hard-soft” system emphasizing speed and fluidity. Stabilization, physical training along with total body training, meditation, breathing, acupressure and acupuncture techniques are employed to maintain health, to develop internal power, and to slow the aging process. Martial Science stresses humility, self-discipline, self-control, loyalty, integrity and respect for one’s self as well as for others. The program covers a wide spectrum of self-defense making it attractive to men and women of all ages. ________________________________________ Martial Science is founded on a cohesive set of Martial Science skills derived from a number of Asian countries including but not limited to China, Korea and Japan. These Martial Science skills are grounded into a common core of principles and strategies derived from Modern Western Science as opposed to the religion, mysticism, and mystery commonly used by many instructors and organizations. These principles and strategies are taught along with Martial Science training which allow our instructors and students to fully understand and develop their martial skills. The United Martial Science Federation is an enthusiast-focus Content and eCommerce company serving the martial arts community via the company’s print portfolio, e-commerce store, online education programs, trade and consumer events, popular consumer catalog brands, national broadcast TV programs and more all in service of passionate niche communities of professionals. The United Martial Science connects passionate, like-minded groups of people to share an ongoing exchange of information, ideas, and inspiration. Our passion shines through and what we do.